It wandered through my body. I noticed aches, pains and twinges usually ignored. I left the ceremony feeling one with my body and soul

Bring out the lion in you!

This was the first time I took ayahuasca. I was afraid to see horrible things but instead I could see how happy I am in life. I travel a lot for work and love it and my family supports me always. I’m grateful that the Plant showed me this. I feel blessed.

I was always such a rational person. Ayahuasca allowed me to reconnect and discover music, nature and emotions in a new and more profound way

Connecting with my ancestors helps me understand who I am

Like a cactus, I could see myself from outside of myself

I take ayahuasca to reset my brain every now and then

Our hands, in the awe of creation

I give, diving into the earth, I accept, being half woman- half fish, I thank

I used to build my own prison by making philosophy. Ayahuasca showed me that these preconceptions confine, instead of expanding us

Love more ♥

My face inverted so I could separate ego from the rest and understand some of my issues

I cry a lot in ceremonies, and I learn from all the women in my life

Im a history teacher. Ayahuasca helps me understand our history from the point of view of indigenous communities, its a story full of blood and atrocities and because of this we should learn from it.

Around 35 I tried ayahuasca for the first time, I was single and stressed with the dilemma if I should have kids or not: there was no way of knowing if I was going to like it until it's too late. The plant told me that I would be happy either way and that I should leave it to fate

I take it by myself to face my own demons. It’s no fun, its work for the soul

Like the layers of an onion, the further you go, the more it'll make you cry